BMW_Engine_CompartmentThank you for considering German Auto Specialists for the care and maintenance of your BMW or Porsche. As you are aware, proper care and maintenance is the only way to ensure continued reliability, safety, enjoyment, and resale value of your car. This is why we strongly recommend, at a minimum, following the factory maintenance schedules outlined in your owner’s manual, and having your car diagnosed and repaired at this first sign of a problem. Waiting often times damages more components and makes proper repair more costly.

Service_PartsGerman Auto Specialists, in addition to recommending 7,500mi. Oil Service intervals, offers two basic, routine services: the Minor Service and the Major Service. These multi-point inspections are similar to, but more inclusive than, the factory recommended services. They are very comprehensive and detailed. Performance of the Minor Service is recommend at 15,000mi. intervals, and the Major Service is recommended at 30,000mi. intervals for most vehicles. Of course, each of these services is tailored to the specific requirements of the make, model and year of your vehicle. Please see the Service Details page for more information.

BMW_Brake_RepairRoutine servicing can also help to identify other needed repairs, which might lead to an unexpected breakdown, or costly failure. Accordingly, our services are very competitively priced, and often go “on sale”. Please see the Service Specials page for current offers. Stop by our shop or telephone for pricing or details on the specific servicing requirements for your car.

Our experience over the years has shown us that owners who maintain their cars well, tend to keep their cars longer, are happier with their ownership/driving experiences, and are let down by their cars far less often.

Porsche_Engine_Cut-AwayGerman Auto Specialists works on an appointment basis, but we can often accommodate same-day emergency repairs. In addition, German Auto Specialists sells wholesale, and retail parts. We have a small, but well managed on-site parts inventory. We can also save you money on locally warehoused parts, as well as special order items.