Until the closure of Hawaii Raceway Park, German Auto Specialists was the only repair facility in Hawaii to have participated in the Sports Car Club of America’s Regional wheel-to-wheel racing program. Fortunately, there are efforts to open a new racing facility in Honolulu. In the meantime, we are running a limited racing schedule on the west coast.

The class that our car runs in is comprised of highly modified production based sedans. Modifications can be made to all areas of the race car, with the only major limiting factors being a maximum engine displacement of 3.8 liters, eight-inch wide wheels, and stock (steel) body-work.

Our racing program is important as it allows German Auto Specialists’ Scott Schulte to bring a marriage of his skills to the sport as both technician and driver. He admits that he enjoys the challenge of designing, building, and maintaining the race Porsche 911, as much as driving it. He feels that the track is the best place to test and demonstrate his abilities as a technician. Racing provides the best test of car design, building and preparation.

We are very proud of our racing results. Scott has won the RS Class SCCA Regional Cham­pionship twelve times in consecutive seasons. In the more than 90 races participated in, the team has won first overall, in all but 9 events—and has had few mechanical failures!

Scott was also involved with the administration of the local SCCA chapter. He was the regional chief driving instructor, on the Board of Directors and is the past editor of it’s newsletter, Huila. If you have any interest in automobile racing, don’t hesitate to call or email. The Hawaii Region SCCA supports many types of local racing and related activities. You don’t need to have a race-car to participate.