BMW_Exterior_Inspection_SheetGerman Auto Specialists (GAS) offers potential new Porsche and BMW owners a pre-purchase inspection service. The cost for this recommend service is $225.00 plus tax.

A serious buyer should first view, drive and make certain they are interested in purchasing a particular car. Then they typically arrange a time convenient to both the seller and buyer to bring the car to our shop facility. This service takes about one and one half hours.

BMW_InspectionAt a minimum the service includes: an extensive road test; complete exterior and interior inspections; testing all of the vehicle’s functions and accessories; complete mechanical and thorough engine inspections from both above and beneath the car. Other specific and detailed inspections and tests may be performed if indicated. This inspection pays particular attention to detail. The car is judged from new condition, and all deficiencies are noted in writing. GAS will generate a note page differentiating things into three categories: currently recommend repairs; things that need to be monitored (and may or will need future repair), and other “FYI” items such as common weaknesses or failures of a particular model.

Porsche_InspectionGAS can also help the buyer establish fair market value for the car by providing wholesale and retail “Blue Book” values. All assessments are kept confidential with the buyer. The buyer may then, at their discretion, share this information with the seller. GAS is working for the buyer. The seller, especially if it is a used car lot, has a team of people working for them—and usually against the buyer. Doesn’t make sense to have a trained, knowledgeable professional working for you? The money spent on this service could easily save a buyer thousands of dollars in unforeseen repair costs.